Touching Your SoulDave VanAmburg Singing

There’s something special about Dave VanAmburg’s music. People smile and recognize the tunes. They tap their feet and want to dance. They love the sax and the haunting finger-style guitar. They hear the melodic conversation between the instruments. They sing along. They tell their friends.

In his presence, you feel warmth. In his music, you feel joy.

Watch Those Legs

Phil Papotnik & Matt Boland rock out the festivals

Philip Papotnik's fans know to watch his feet. When he taps them, he's having fun. When one leg comes off the floor, he's blasting off. And if he alternates lifting his legs, he's over the moon. Whether on soprano or tenor sax, or his guitar, Phil reads the crowd and shares his enthusiasm directly to your heart. He can make you happy like virtually no other musician.


YamahaKeyboard900x900Dave VanAmburg is close to a minimalist compared to many musicians. His working philosophy is "Every tool's a toy, and every toy's a tool." (Of course, it does help to have a partner who owns enough equipment to produce three main stage acts simultaneously.)

He doesn't collect instruments. In fact, he has only owned four guitars in his life, three of which he still uses.

But he believes strongly in the quality of sound, which influences the equipment he chooses to use.

Decades Of Music

0 Raven Foreigner 900x900

Philip Papotnik had a dream - actually many dreams. Starting with no mentors, no family money, and no resources, he methodically created what he envisioned - the legend we all know as Raven Sound.

The dreams he fulfilled have included:

  • A highly regarded sound, lighting, staging and installation company
  • A performance club and a restaurant
  • A recording studio
  • Operations far beyond the local market