Dave VanAmburg

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Driven by over 40 years in the  relentless pursuit of innovation and beauty,  Dave VanAmburg is the new standard  for the modern musician. Driven by over 40 years in the relentless pursuit of innovation and beauty, Dave VanAmburg is the new standard for the modern musician.

Touching Your SoulDave VanAmburg Singing

There’s something special about Dave VanAmburg’s music. People smile and recognize the tunes. They tap their feet and want to dance. They love the sax and the haunting finger-style guitar. They hear the melodic conversation between the instruments. They sing along. They tell their friends.

In his presence, you feel warmth. In his music, you feel joy.

Deep Focus

From the beginning, Dave absorbed music from every source he could, starting with piano lessons at age 5.

As a teenager, he taught himself guitar, flute, banjo, and alto sax. He managed a coffee house, composed 4 hours of original music, and played the east coast coffee house circuit.

But music couldn't support his family, so he took a 40-year break as a serial entrepreneur. He brought $4 billion in new business to 3,000 marketing clients, and helped build a software company.

The Dream

Then one night he had "The Dream" - Standing on a stage in front of 10,000 people with a guitar around his neck, a mic in his face, and - Nothing. No words, no notes. When the dream returned 5 times, he got the message and changed careers.Dave VanAmburg house concert

Nothing But Music

He invested five years woodshedding, and partnered with his closest friend, Phil Papotnik, taking master classes from renowned teacher, Stan Bialomizy.

He wrote charts and performed over 2,000 hours live, learning multiple music styles, including Jazz, Latin, Blues, Pop, Rockabilly, Rock and Country.

Dave plays over 200 gigs a year at clubs, festivals, corporate and private parties, major fundraising events  and house concerts. Unless they're on the road, you can see Dave and various band members perform in the PA, NY, OH tri-state area multiple times each week. Check the Event Calendar for current listings.

A Special Approach

Whether solo acoustic, duo with his musical partner Phil Papotnik, leading one of their bands, or backing up friends or touring musicians, fans love his music.

  • Each band is a unique performance group, entertaining with 40+ hours of music in a wide range of styles they customize for each audience.
  • Audiences can clearly hear every instrument and note, yet can converse without the music interfering. The bands bring their own world-class array sound system, custom designed by Tony Faranda of A-Line Acoustics and Phil Papotnik of Raven Sound. For larger events, Raven Sound can provide sound, lighting, staging systems for audiences up to 20,000 or more.

  • Dave shares his musical research and adventures, what works and doesn't to improve his music and draw his audience. Musicians and venue managers read Sparky's Brain, the blog for practical insights to drive their careers, or expand their venues and build community.Dave VanAmburg  business

Business Refocused

Dave has brought work to over 100 musicians so far. VanAmburg Group, Inc. now manages his music ventures, advises many other musicians, and works with venues to grow their audiences and revenues.

  • He's Vice Chair of the Bemus Bay Pops/ Chautauqua Lake Pops, a nonprofit hosting 40 concerts on its floating stage, attracting 450,000 people every summer, and bringing $14 million to their local economy.
  • He was the founding president of JazzErie, attracted 1,000 paying members, and 25 years later, still hosts their website.
  • And lots of other cool stuff.

Current Projects

Among Dave's current music projects are:

  • Helping Matty B and The Dirty Pickles develop their show band for the tribute band circuit.
  • Reviewing and rewriting 40 songs from his earlier foray into music.
  • Composing and recording a solo acoustic CD
  • Recording a blues CD with the V Band
  • Composing music for his Willy K.Rabbit children's story series

Media & Social Media

Video/ Audio

Samples of Dave's music are available on this site with:

Bemus Bay Pops/ Chautauqua Lake Pops

The Bemus Bay Pops/ Chautauqua Lakes Pops have a storied 20-year history with their concert series on North America's first floating stage. Here's a quick video displaying the excitement of the Pops bringing the arts to the people.It gives you a sense of why musicians want to perform there and why it draws visitors from around the world.

AND it includes footage of the late, great Bruce Morton Wright, musician, conducter, music entrepreneur, and blessing to our region.

Dave and Dan Dalpra are currently marketing floating stages and complete programs throughout North America.

Excitement For All Audiences

Here is an example of Dave's thousands of marketing projects. In 2011, Jamestown Savings Bank Arena, Jamestown, NY hosted the teams from U.S.A., Russia, Slovakia and Norway for exhibition games in preparation for the 2011 World Junior Hockey Championships in Buffalo. The community created its first annual Festival of Lights and holiday celebration.

Dave and partner Dan Dalpra were tasked with making this happen - all in five weeks. With the amazing help of Phil Papotnik's Raven Sound, they filled the stadium with standing-room only crowds.

Here is a video summarizing the results.



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