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Decades Of Music

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Philip Papotnik had a dream - actually many dreams. Starting with no mentors, no family money, and no resources, he methodically created what he envisioned - the legend we all know as Raven Sound.

The dreams he fulfilled have included:

  • A highly regarded sound, lighting, staging and installation company
  • A performance club and a restaurant
  • A recording studio
  • Operations far beyond the local market

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A Major Operation

Begun in 1970, Raven grew into a nationally respected sound, staging and lighting company, with operations in PA, NY, and TN.

Phil has recently cut back much of Raven's activity and has large amounts of pro gear for sale, but he continues to:

  • Rent PA systems throughout the region
  • Design and complete custom sound installations for churches and businesses
  • Provide top quality live sound for:
    • All Chautauqua Lake Pops Series Events
    • Edinboro Art & Music FestivalTrack29 900x900
    • Erie's Blues & Jazz Festival
    • Celebrate Erie
    • Eight Great Tuesdays
    • Long Dance Studio Annual Reviews
    • Zabawa Polish Festival
    • Irish Festival
    • Select other engagements

Through all of this experience, Phil has earned a reputation as one of the finest live sound engineers in the U.S. He brings this knowledge and sensibility to every gig he plays, whether in front of 50 people or 50,000.

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Returning To His Roots

But in supporting thousands of bands and thousands more musicians, he needed to return to his first love, playing music.

So, while developing and running the sound company, developing real estate, and all of his other projects, Phil lived a parallel life, and also invested in:

  • Decades of studying music theory and performance with many different teachers
  • Practicing his many instruments - electric and acoustic guitar, bass, tenor sax, soprano sax, alto sax, clarinet, bass clarinet, and flute
  • Practicing weekly for 20 years with Cat's A Bear.
  • Performing in hundreds of live music gigs.
  • Supporting his friends and recording music on dozens of albums/CDs

He finally partnered with Dave VanAmburg five years ago, and they have performed over 2,000 hours in preparation for the next step in their musical journey.

1 Raven Crew 900x900Raven Sound lives on and Phil has left a legacy with the dozens of professionals he has hired and trained. And he carries that legacy forward in composing, arranging, performing and recording his own music.

Web & Social Media

Video/ Audio

Here is a brief video of the Erie Arts Festival, for which Raven Sound supported and provided sound, lighting and staging for over 20 years.



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