The Energy Of Niagara Falls

Did you ever get up close to Niagara Falls? Where you can feel the power, the pull, as the water rushes over the edge?

That's the effect Matt Boland has when he performs. He's been that way forever, and his fans love it.

But now his energy is laser-focused, as is his commitment to presenting the best 50's rock & roll show band in the country.

Soul Searching Fun

The energy you feel with the V Band is personal, enjoyable, and entertaining.

Each musician displays their performing energy differently, but their laughter and camaraderie is infectious, and you always have fun.

They read the audience and weave their songs among so many styles.

Music For Your Soul

MVP specialize in playing intimate settings, whether small clubs, listening rooms or house concerts.

Their ongoing conversation with the audience makes the music fun for children as well as adults.

Jazz, Blues & Beyond

Jim Madden, Phil Papotnik and Dave VanAmburg have independently researched music for decades. This band is the first time the three musicians have intersected their musical passion. They meet weekly to explore music theory, and perform frequently, exploring jazz, funk, blues, and much more.

Back Porch Blues

When James Paolello and Josh Gone start playing, they transport you to another time, another realm.

You bob your head, shake off the dust, and see yourself in a happy, laidback town among longtime friends.