Dancing In Your Chair

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We feel great music before we listen to it. Are you conversing, only to find your foot tapping or your shoulders moving to a song?

David Blaetz is probably playing the bass.

There are reasons why David is always in demand and has been a member of 34 bands in northwest PA.

He's the consummate bass player, fluent in many styles, always in time with the perfect rhythm, driving the music forward and making the other musicians better.

He discovered his music calling by joining an orchestra in fourth grade.

Play It And He Will Grin

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Ricky Hopkins is one of the happiest musicians we know, always smiling no matter what tune or style is called.

And when we invite him to call tunes, he always has the most eclectic requests - which fits his diverse interests.

He loves three things in his life, his wife, his kids and his music.

We think music comes third, but only by a little bit.

Train Your Ears

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When you're both an experienced musician and sound engineer, you hear things that few others do. And the music you play is special. That's Paul Sontheimer. He plays a beautiful mix of styles from jazz to pop to classical.

When you listen to Paul, you love the nuances of a musician at home with everything from rock to jazz to classical.

Instant Music

DaleMcBrier3 900x900Dale McBrier's musical ear is unique, carrying him places that more experienced musicians are challenged to get to.

Whatever song you play, he's like a mockingbird, able to instantly play along with you.

And Dale has listened to and absorbed a lot of music, giving him great intuitive rhythm.

Whether he is playing flute, blues harp, percussion, or singing, those two traits make him fun to listen to.

And Dale's dedication the past few years to learning has as much music as possible continues to add to the enjoyment.