David Blaetz

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Dancing In Your Chair

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We feel great music before we listen to it. Are you conversing, only to find your foot tapping or your shoulders moving to a song?

David Blaetz is probably playing the bass.

There are reasons why David is always in demand and has been a member of 34 bands in northwest PA.

He's the consummate bass player, fluent in many styles, always in time with the perfect rhythm, driving the music forward and making the other musicians better.

He discovered his music calling by joining an orchestra in fourth grade.


DB 2 900x900The Ultimate Sideman

David has performed with blues bands, eclectic rock bands and free improv musical performance ensembles, but eventually found his voice as a bass player mostly in jazz ensembles.

David doesn't need to be in the spotlight, but steps up with beautiful solos whenever asked.

Calling David

From jazz to rock, he is likely the most on-call bass played in the region, and is equally adept at upright bass, electric upright, 4-string or 5-string electric basses.

David is a founding member of the popular band The Heliotropes and Helio Trio.

DB 6 900x900He has played with Concourse, Potato Battery, and the Allen Zurcher Quartet, among many others. And one of his most significant bands was Field Theory.

Combining The Arts

He is adept at many arts, having worked for an ad agency, production house, broadcast station and a cable access studio. He has taught video composition, managed community video studios, and is an instructor in Communication and The Arts at Gannon University.

The next time you hear the V Band, enjoy the tunes and the overall sound, then listen to the bass. You'll be dancing in your chair and glad you did.


Media & Social Media

Video/ Audio

You can watch and listen to David's exquisite playing in the V Band videos.

Here's a laid-back version of Miles Davis' Freddie Freeloader played with the V Band and Bruce Johnstone. David's solo begins at 4:00.

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