Paul Sontheimer

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Train Your Ears

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When you're both an experienced musician and sound engineer, you hear things that few others do. And the music you play is special. That's Paul Sontheimer. He plays a beautiful mix of styles from jazz to pop to classical.

When you listen to Paul, you love the nuances of a musician at home with everything from rock to jazz to classical.

Start Young And Never Stop

Paul learned piano at age 5 from his mother and many other instruments from his father. He began cello studies at age 10 and performed in the Junior Philharmonic under John Gosling and Robert Rudolph throughout high school.

He simultaneously studied electric bass with Basil Ronzitti.

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Chosen By Clapton

Following school, Paul began his sound engineering career with international firm Showco in Dallas. He toured with luminaries, Weather Report, George Benson, Led Zeppelin, Bee Gees, ZZ Top, and many more.

He served as Eric Clapton's monitor engineer for seven years, followed by mixing for Bob Dylan and the Moody Blues.

Come Home To Raven

Paul then retuned to Erie and joined Phil Papotnik and has since mixed hundreds of national and regional acts for Raven Sound. He also has served as an engineer for national manufacturing firms, maintaining a wide range of mechanical and electronic equipment.

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And Return To Your Love

Paul began playing music more often and returned to performance of musically diverse material again on bass and cello over the past decade.


Media & Social Media

Video/ Audio

We'll be adding some video of Paul playing soon.

In the meantime, here is an interview Paul gave, talking about his time with Showco, the night Stevie Ray Vaughan died, and more.

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