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Dale McBrier Dale McBrier

Instant Music

DaleMcBrier3 900x900Dale McBrier's musical ear is unique, carrying him places that more experienced musicians are challenged to get to.

Whatever song you play, he's like a mockingbird, able to instantly play along with you.

And Dale has listened to and absorbed a lot of music, giving him great intuitive rhythm.

Whether he is playing flute, blues harp, percussion, or singing, those two traits make him fun to listen to.

And Dale's dedication the past few years to learning has as much music as possible continues to add to the enjoyment.


Discovering MusicDaleMcBrier4 900x900

Dale picked up the flute while in college. When the passion for playing music hit him a few years ago, he approached Phil Papotnik and Dave VanAmburg.

They agreed to begin the Thursday night Dickey's sessions. From this emerged Dickey's commitment to live music.

And the MVP trio was born.

Social Media

Video/ Audio

We will be posting multiple videos of Dale with MVP playing a private house concert soon.

In the meantime, here is Dale singing Van Morrison's Moondance with Dave VanAmburg & Friends.

Here is Dale, discussing his path as a musician.


And here is Dale reading a selection from his book, Be The Guru: A Parent's Obligation To Teach Their Children.

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