Ricky Hopkins

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Play It And He Will Grin

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Ricky Hopkins is one of the happiest musicians we know, always smiling no matter what tune or style is called.

And when we invite him to call tunes, he always has the most eclectic requests - which fits his diverse interests.

He loves three things in his life, his wife, his kids and his music.

We think music comes third, but only by a little bit.


Play With Everyone

Ricky has performed with dozens of bands in his career,such as Swerve and Steve Trohoske's Bass Universe.

RickyHopkinsCootieHarris 900x900He also leads two diverse bands of his own:

  • Dead Report
  • RHL-tet

Learn From The Masters

Ricky grew up in a musical family, with his father and brother both performing drummers and percussionists.

But he learned the most about drumming and music from his mentor, Cootie Harris.


RickyHopkins3 900x900Ricky has produced and played on multiple albums. A partial discography is his work on:

Media & Social Media

Video/ Audio

You can watch and listen to some of Ricky's work with The V Band at Dickey's Barbecue in our V Band Music section, as well as in the Dave VanAmburg & Friends Music Saction.

Here's Ricky playing Ringo's chops on the Lennon/ McCartney tune, Ticket To Ride.

Here is Ricky talking about his path as a musician, Cootie Harris' impact on his development, and how long it took to feel comfortable as a drummer.

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