The Best Designer We Know

Dave's former business partner, Patrick Hiller has structured this website and communications system.

Patrick has been nationally recognized for his work.

Our Music Documentarian

We could feature Tom Weber as one of our musician friends, or our photographer friends, or just as a friend.

But we particularly like the tagline on his website, "Movies About Musicians."

Generous Friends Count

We're all fortunate to have creative friends willing to share their work, just as we do.

Over the past five years, the following people have helped us collect visual representations of our music to share with you. If we have missed any, we'll be glad to add them going forward.

WERG's Weekly Host

Fondly known to his friends as Fazed Cookies, musciian, poet and cultural explorer Michael Bennett has hosted a 3-hour radio show on Gannon University's WERG FM station for many years.

He provides the only local on-air outlet for independent musicians, and combines his passion for global music and arts with a desire to promotes arts and culture in his community.