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Generous Friends Count

We're all fortunate to have creative friends willing to share their work, just as we do.

Over the past five years, the following people have helped us collect visual representations of our music to share with you. If we have missed any, we'll be glad to add them going forward.

ArtBecker1 900x900

Art Becker

Professional photographer and teacher, Art Becker, now based in southern Florida, has shared many of his photos with Dave VanAmburg over the years.

He has photographed many of the world's most famous musicians, and we're looking forward to playing at one of the many festivals he photographs so we can share his photos of us.

You can enjoy many of Art's photos, which he adds almost daily, on his Facebook page. Or browse his website to see some of his gorgeous portfolios.

BobMarofsky1 900x900

Bob Marofsky

World traveler and self avowed "amateur" photographer, Bob Marofsky, creates wonderful photos documenting his many travels, friends and family.

As a favor to Dave VanAmburg, he began taking shots of many of the 100+ musicians who have joined Dave & Friends in Maxi's at the Bel Aire over the past few years.

You can enjoy many of Bob's photos on his Facebook page, as he documents his many journeys across North America, Africa and beyond.

BradLethaby 900x900 2

Brad Lethaby

Portrait artist and landscape painter, Brad Lethaby, shoots thousands of gorgeous photos annually, but never publishes any of them. Rather, he uses them for reference as he creates his paintings.

We were fortunate that Brad enjoyed our music at the Erie Jazz & Blues Festival, photographed and shared some shots with us.

Brad moved from graphic design to fine arts many years ago, and we love his total commitment to his personal journey. You can follow Brad's path and the art he creates on his Facebook page.

DV OL 900x900

Olivia Lehman

Dancer, vocalist, and student Olivia Lehman is also a natural photographer and videographer. Fortunately for Dave VanAmburg, she is also his granddaughter.

So he's always happy when she agrees to photograph his music, particularly at festivals. She sees great angles and captures the spirit of each tune in her art.

Most of Liv's photo adventures are on her Instragam channel, which remains private, but you can see a few on her Facebook page.

ColleenRupp 900x900

Colleen Rupp

Colleen Rupp is one of our favorite supporters. She, her family and entire neighborhood join Dave VanAmburg, Phil Papotnik and Dale McBrier almost weekly to share an evening of music at Dickey's Barbecue in Erie..

The "Wood Street Gang" are great supporters of Dave's live music, sometimes filling the entire restaurant for birthday or Christmas parties, or just to host friends and relatives from around the country.

The gang loves to play "stump the chump", asking the band for songs we have never played before, but they are always patient as we arrange the tunes on the fly.

And Colleen graciously photographs and videos our music, and we get to share it with you. But she's a private lady, so sorry, no links to her work.

JesusDiaz2 900x900

Jesus Diaz

Jesus Diaz is an amazing young man. We first met him when he was in high school and working at Dickeys' Barbecue. His passion was videography and his intention was to pursue animation.

Now that he is at university, he is working multiple jobs while attending college, while expanding his horizons to double major in animation and business with a concentration in entrepreneurial business.

We asked Jesus to video one of our fesitval appearances, and get to share a bit of his work with you.

Sorry, but he must be too busy to post his current work on social media. When we discover it anywhere, we'll share the links with you.

JohnLammers1 900x900

John Lammers

John Lammers is one of our biggest supporters. His appreciation for Phil Papotnik's music began when they attended high school together and Phil played in rock bands throughout the region.

John recognized our need for visuals for this website and carted his SLR camera to many of our gigs, always on the lookout for the perfect shot.

May every musician have a friend as good as John, willing to share their view of the world.

A few of John's beautiful nature photos are accessible on his Facebook page. Enjoy.

JonHalmi 900x900

Jon Halmi

Musician Jon Halmi has been a friend for years. He's shared the stage with us, played gigs with us, and stopped by to support us when we played.

And every now and then he takes some great shots and shares them with us. A few of them have shown up on this sit,e and we'd like to publicly thank Jon for his ongoing support.

You can follow Jon's musical journey as he moves from Erie to Florida over the coming year on his personal Facebook page, and follow his music page..

MariaGangemi1 900x900

Maria Gangemi

When sound technician Maria Gangemi takes on a concert, festival or other major project, she owns the stage.

Her design, cabling, and stage management insure that every musician and fan loves their experience.

Along the way, Maria captures photos from her unique vantage point, and we're the lucky beneficiaries. She was working one of the festivals we played at and shared some great shots.

You can follow Maria's work on her Facebook page.

MikeLyon 900x900

Mike Lyon

Mike Lyon worked with Dave VanAmburg back in the days of record stores, then opened his own store, which became a local institution for musicians and music lovers over many years.

Somewhere along the line, Mike took a photo of Dave playing from behind the counter, which we'll include in an article. We found it on his wife, Debi's wonderful blog about Old Time Erie.

For the record, Dave insists he has no recollection of playing while on the job, but it must have been with his boss's approval.

David D. VanAmburg

DDVAge3  DGreenberger 900x900

We've saved the most interesting for last.

Musician, retired sound engineer, antique dealer, and photographer, David D. VanAmburg is Dave VanAmburg's son.

The header photo above is one of his, perhaps indicative of his nature photography.

You can find some of his work at Imagekind.

This photo of him was taken by our friend David Greenberger, who deserves his own article, coming soon.

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