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Our Music Documentarian

We could feature Tom Weber as one of our musician friends, or our photographer friends, or just as a friend.

But we particularly like the tagline on his website, "Movies About Musicians."

TomWeberAtDickey's1 900x900Live Streaming Pioneer

Tom the reporter, Tom the media professor (PhD in globalization and electronic media), and Tom the documentary film maker have invested the past year researching the nascent field of live streaming, which has recently come of age.

He has focused his life-long love of music in refining the ability to livestream music for performers and venues across the eastern U.S.

And we are the lucky recipients of his work. When he has not been traveling, Tom and his assistant Jerry --- have streamed at least six events at Dickey's for us so far.

We're looking forward to working with Tom more.

TomWeberAndJerryAtDickey's2 900x900The World Is Just Down The Street

Where you travel defines your worldview. Artists, entrepreneurs and professionals who aspire beyond the block they live in always travel.

Any week you contact Tom, he could be in Pittsburgh, Boston, Nashville, or Timbuktu, attending a Mountain Stage show, traveling with Peter Case, or streaming a concert.

Most regional artists could learn from Tom's approach, and rather than just "touring" to play a series of gigs, they might benefit from exploring, meeting, learning from others in the industry.

Favorite quote:

"Troubadour Blues is distributed by MVD Entertainment Group and is widely available on DVD and online. I traveled more than 30,000 miles in 2012 conducting screenings at festivals, theaters and music venues from coast to coast."

Community Counts

WalkingInBlackHistory TomWeber 900x600

This is slightly off our music focus, but valuable to touch on. In our simplistic view of the world, there are givers and takers. Takers are focused on promoting only themselves and their desires, while givers find value in promoting others and their dreams as they explore their own paths.

Tom's work with Gary Neil Horton and the Urban Erie Community Development Corporation (UECDC) speaks to who he is. Every year UECDC takes a busload of youth annually to Tuskegee,AL, home of the Tuskegee Airmen, to give them a historical understanding.

Tom began by traveling with them and creating a documentary, Walking In Black History.

Now each year, he accompanies the group and works with multiple youth who document with their own video during the trip.

Films & Programs

Tom's full-length films:

  • Troubadour Blues (2011), a journey to the heart of American music, seen through the eyes of a dozen touring singer-songwriters.
  • Over the Pavement (2015) documents a three-day festival of improvisational and experimental music held in Detroit.
  • Don’t Give Up Your Day Job (in post-production) documents the common experiences of working musicians of all ages and genres through more than 100 interviews and performances.

Hour-long programs for public TV:

  • Pick Up A Stone (2019) and Walking In Black History (2018), which accompany teen-aged students on a bus tour of Civil Rights landmarks in the deep South
  • A Few Things About Artists (2017), in which local artists discuss their works and creative process
  • The Trouble With Poets (2016), which documents a community of performing poets in Erie
  • 1000, a documentary/performance film, in collaboration with the poet and activist Bigg Wash.


Tom Weber: filmmaker, Erie Reader Interview: by Ed Bernik

Favorite quote:

"I did my doctoral thesis about reggae music as a case study of the record industry. In music we used to have all these little regional scenes around. If you'd go to New Jersey, the bands would sound different from if you'd go to Chicago, and California sounded different, and Texas had their own sound. I just always thought, 'Let's shine the media spotlight on the artists that aren't getting national recognition.'"

Tom Weber documents the lifestyles of not-so-famous musicians, Pittsburgh City Paper:

Favorite quote:

"Tom Weber documents the lifestyles of not-so-famous musicians 'But I think their stories are, in many ways, more interesting than those of famous musicians.'"

Web & Social Media


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