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Patrick Hiller's Amazing Designs

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The Best Designer We Know

Dave's former business partner, Patrick Hiller has structured this website and communications system.

Patrick has been nationally recognized for his work.

The Dancing with the Stars Poster design that won the CBS/CafePress contestAn Ideal Balance And National Recognition

Patrick's work balances left and right brain approaches. He earned a master's of arts degree in sculpture and a minor in computer programming.

He since has created both amazing designs and multiple web-based computer systems, including a totally automated online computer hardware sales site that for years was one of the largest in the country.

Among his many accomplishments is being selected by CBS and Cafe Press for the winning design in the national Dancing with the Stars contest.

From Software Development to Graphic Design And Fulfillment

PH Designs 900x900Patrick worked for an early Internet Service Provider, then was a partner in software company, MutualGravity, designing and coding web-based platforms for:

  • Website content management
  • Calendar management
  • eLetter management
  • Online surveys
  • Mapping
  • Loyalty rewards programs

He create complex websites and communications systems for major universities and hospitals, among others.

lgbtq we rise 900x900Following MutualGravity, Patrick invested 10 years in building a successful design company, Valador Studios.

Cafe Press Leadership

Patrick has developed thousands of designs, and built Whee Design!, an integrated system of websites and one of the top stores within the ecosystem of design fulfillment site, Cafe Press.

Patrick became one of a few independent designers that Cafe Press would request work from to fulfill their licensed properties, such as Dr. Who, Marvel, and CBS TV series.

The top graphic above is his CafePress FanPortal design for Elf.

Patrick, automated the back-end of his design submission process and shared this software with many other designers.

nwpa pride 2019 900x900His YouTube channel has offered free insights and assistance to Cafe Press designers around the world.

Amazon Expansion & Pride Designs

When Amazon recently began t-shirt fulfillment, Patrick expanded his offerings and has created one of the leading design stores on Amazon.

He continues to expand his offerings on Amazon and other fulfillment houses.

Throughout this development phase, Patrick has become perhaps the leading designed for Pride t-shirts in the U.S. His 2019 design has once again been chosen as the winner of the NWPA Pride Alliance T-shirt design contest.

Links & Social Media

Video/ Audio

Seven years ago, we spoke with Patrick about his business direction, and were impressed recently when listening to his responses. His discipline and focus are an inspiration to aspiring  entrepreneurs.

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