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WERG's Weekly Host

Fondly known to his friends as Fazed Cookies, musciian, poet and cultural explorer Michael Bennett has hosted a 3-hour radio show on Gannon University's WERG FM station for many years.

He provides the only local on-air outlet for independent musicians, and combines his passion for global music and arts with a desire to promotes arts and culture in his community.

MichaelBennett1Taking It To The Streets

Michael has invested decades getting to know area artists and musicians. He is a walking encyclopedia of poets, clubs, festivals, and visiting artists.

He also bleeds love for his community, constantly hosting creatives from throughout the region on his program, promoting their shows, emceeing concerts and events.

His shows are a blend of tunes he has discovered from around the world with songs more common to a college radio station. He mixes the music with a stream of live guests talking about their community passions and/or playing live from their new CD releases,

On-Air Chats

Michael hosts Dave VanAmburg every three months, usually on the 5th Wednesday.

DV FazedCookiesRadioShow 103118 900x900Dave often brings old recordings or some of the musicians he works with, and plays a few tunes.

And the conversation focuses on the business of music, plus whatever else Michael chooses.

Adding To The Conversation

Michael may be joining us on this site soon. With the development of Sparky's Brain, Michael is considering adding his voice to the conversation about the music and arts world. We'll keep you posted.

Radio Show

Fazed Cookies Radio Program: Wednesdays, 9 PM - 12 Midnight, Eastern:


TuneIn Radio Streaming

Social Media

Facebook: facebook.com/fazed.cookies

Twitter: twitter.com/fazedcookies

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