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Honoring Our Teachers

MCHPlayingPiano 900x900Who Inspired You?

One of my favorite questions to ask musicians I interview is about their earliest memories of music, and to identify THE moment they fell in love with music.

My earliest memory is of my mom playing piano. I know that my dad played the violin (I still have his student violin), but I never heard him play. She rarely had time to play, but every now and then would sit down at the upright in our living room and play.

We had a console music center with record player and radio, and a nifty external speaker you could plug into any electric outlet in the house and listen to what was playing without running speaker cable.

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Friday, 31 May 2019 12:57

4. Grasshopper To Master

9 MusicIt's A Lifelong Path

So you've identified your passionate dream. Now what? How do you understand the path and immerse yourself?

You've chosen a skill set that will serve you for a lifetime. The best football players can follow that path until their thirties, with few exceptions. Then they have to find a whole new profession. A musician can play into their eighties or beyond.

But don't be too anxious. Unless you are Joey Alexander or a few other prodigies, your learning path will be lifelong. You need to learn a lot of different things to become a world-class musician, and a lot of other things to be successful in the music industry.

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3. Timing Is Everything

6 AustinHealeyBut When Do You Burn Your Ships?

You don't walk away from the responsibilities you have already assumed just because you get more pleasure out of noodling on your guitar. Step one is being careful what choices you make, because the consequences of getting a dog don't disappear for about 15 years, and the responsibilities of having a child are life-long.

It's hard to be an NBA star and professional musician simultaneously (although Wayman Tisdale did a pretty good job of it).

But once you know WHAT you came here to be and do, the big question is WHEN do you burn your ships, and focus on nothing but that goal. I can't answer for you, but I can tell you something relevant.

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Friday, 24 May 2019 10:50

2. Your Burning Desires

3 YouChooseWhat's Your Dream?

It doesn't matter if your deepest desire is to be a musician, an accountant, or a mother. Your job is to figure out what you came here to do - to learn, to share, to teach. And once you remember, your job is to pursue that vision for all you are worth.

You've heard Richard Bach's quote, "If you love something, set it free." Figure out what you really value by seeing how many times you have given it away.

One of the items I have given away the most is hundreds of copies of Napoleon Hill's most inspired book, Think And Grow Rich.

It is a guidebook to pursuing your dreams - not of amassing the most toys, but of achieving your true goals, and in a way that benefits the world.

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1. Inside Sparky's Brain

1 Tools & Toys

Looking For Joy In Music?

The entire physical world we have created is built on vibrations.

Music is the non-verbal vibrational language that renews memories, shares emotions, takes us to new and familiar spaces, and opens portals to our creativity.

It combines rhythmic pulses with melodic charm and harmonic enhancement.

We think that we write songs, that we play music. But the songs write us, and the music really plays us.

Are you fascinated by music - to listen to and enjoy, or to master and play?

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