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3. Timing Is Everything

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6 AustinHealeyBut When Do You Burn Your Ships?

You don't walk away from the responsibilities you have already assumed just because you get more pleasure out of noodling on your guitar. Step one is being careful what choices you make, because the consequences of getting a dog don't disappear for about 15 years, and the responsibilities of having a child are life-long.

It's hard to be an NBA star and professional musician simultaneously (although Wayman Tisdale did a pretty good job of it).

But once you know WHAT you came here to be and do, the big question is WHEN do you burn your ships, and focus on nothing but that goal. I can't answer for you, but I can tell you something relevant.

7 UnderstandWhatsInsideDon't Just Presume That You Understand Enough

I believe strongly in burning your ships so that you have to succeed, but I also believe in knowing where you are headed as best as possible.

You don't jump into the riptide before you learn to swim.

Of all of the 500+ startup businesses I worked with, those entrepreneurs who understood their industries intimately and could narrowly define their products, services, customers, etc.before opening the doors had a vastly greater chance of success than those who figured out their business plan after starting the business.

If you are convinced you came here to be a musician, figure out the rest before you jump in. Learn your instrument, study theory, practice, play with the best.

8 OpenYourOptionsCan You Find A Mentor?

One of my favorite mental games is to identify who on you planet you respect the most in your chosen field. Who would you give anything to meet, to work with, to learn from?

If you don't know, maybe you haven't researched your chosen field and niche enough.

Once you do know, how can you reach out to them? They're famous, you're not. They are likely approached by hundreds, maybe thousands annually, asking for something.

You know what you want from them, but what do they need? What might they want from you? How can you help them?

Now we're in the field of sales. I used think that sales was not my calling, that sales equated to something questionable, a hustle. Then one day, while working in a record store and sharing a few Miles Davis albums with curious customers, I realized, I was selling, and that true sales is helping others to secure what they are searching for. I became a lifelong student of relationship selling.

Can you ask them a unique question that you are searching for the answer to, and make them your consultant? Do they need a research assistant?

The world revolves around personal relationships. If you put yourself in the path of knowing these individuals, you will find yourself on an amazing pathway to realizing your vision.

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