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4. Grasshopper To Master

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9 MusicIt's A Lifelong Path

So you've identified your passionate dream. Now what? How do you understand the path and immerse yourself?

You've chosen a skill set that will serve you for a lifetime. The best football players can follow that path until their thirties, with few exceptions. Then they have to find a whole new profession. A musician can play into their eighties or beyond.

But don't be too anxious. Unless you are Joey Alexander or a few other prodigies, your learning path will be lifelong. You need to learn a lot of different things to become a world-class musician, and a lot of other things to be successful in the music industry.

Where Do You Begin?

10 HowKidsLearnDon't get a big ego, pretending that you know it all. Yeah, I know that's what looks like it works. It just doesn't.If you want your own reality TV show, focus on your celebrity. If you want to be more than a flash-in-the-pan, learn music first.

Are you trying to be a singer/songwriter? Yes, start writing songs. But don't claim you don't need to learn how to read music or write a chart. Take vocal lessons. tear apart songs of every style back 100 years. Co-write songs with others more experienced, attend workshops, and keep practicing the craft.

Are you looking to be a composer/arranger? Study classical, learn computers and DAWs, immerse yourself in movie and TV soundtracks, learn who your heroes are in the field.

Do you want to be a rock star? Good luck. That ship has sailed.

Whatever your favorite instrument, the best instrument to learn on is the keyboard. It lets you visualize notes, chords, scales, relationships. You can then easily transpose your knowledge to your instrument of choice.

11 GetTheirPerspectiveJoy In Learning

Most of us take music lessons from people older, more experienced, who have also studied under their teachers.Most of my friends spent years or decades taking lessons from others before they found the teacher who had the right approach to help unlock their potential.

There is another source of learning at our fingertips - the children around us.

If you observe kids learning how to interact with technology, you see that their process is totally different.

They experiment. They absorb holistically.

They move their bodies. They dance to the music.

They push all the buttons. They aren't afraid.

You can do that too.

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