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Join The V Band May 9 At Erie DAWN's 2019 Spring Fiesta

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Erie DAWN Spring Fiesta, Thursday, May 9, 2019, 5-8 PM @ Bel Aire by Wyndham Erie DAWN Spring Fiesta, Thursday, May 9, 2019, 5-8 PM @ Bel Aire by Wyndham

The V Band has been asked to play for Erie DAWN's annual Spring Event for the third year, and we're excited.

Erie DAWN, dedicated to dwellings and advocacy for women in need, is one of our favorites group of volunteers.

ErieDAWN Family

A Great Cause

Erie DAWN is a shared ministry of the Benedictine Sisters, Sisters of Mercy and the Sisters of St. Joseph, some of our biggest regional heroes.

The agency works exclusively and intensively with women in need and their children over a long term, helping each woman become totally self-sustaining.

They provide:

  • Housing rental, furnishings and homemaking skills training
  • ErieDAWN ClientResultsJob training, employment referral, and job clothing assistance
  • Personal finance training
  • Family housing purchase guidance

Real Results

Erie DAWN consistently helps dozens of women recover and stabilize their families, and go on to lead amazing lives.

The results are heart-warming, and are replicated year after year.

Dave has had the honor of working with Erie DAWN and their great Executive Director, Maureen Dunn, over many years. We love supporting them.

ErieDAWN CincoDeMayo2

The Annual Party

Erie DAWN is returning to the newly renovated Bel Aire ballroom.

Formerly called Cinco de Mayo, the Spring Event is Erie DAWN's annual fundraiser.

The party includes:

  • Great food and drinks
  • Silent auctions
  • Music and dancing

You can join the party by:


Get Your Birdhouse!

One of the great aspects of this event is the sale of wonderful birdhouses created by regional artists. If you collect 3D art, have a budgie who likes to fly around in your house, or are looking for a colorful gift for that special someone, these creative one-of-a-kind expressions of home are just for you.

Here is a short video of the late, great Kurt Sahlman, talking about the origin of the birdhouse idea. Kurt was much too young when he passed, so we were thrilled to find a few video clips of him chatting in 2011.

One Minute Impact

Watch the quick video and get a sense of what Erie DAWN does for your community. It is part of a video we had Kurt Sahlman create.


Erie DAWN website

Erie Dawn Facebook

Erie Dawn's Facebook Event

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