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VanAmburg Trio Opens Waterford Heritage Days July 19

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The Dave VanAmburg Trio will open the 2019 Waterford Days in the Waterford, PA Gazebo from 4 to 5:30 PM on July 19.

Since 1974, Waterford has been celebrating its history, heritage, and citizens with a variety of community celebrations. The annual, three-day event takes place the third full weekend of July.

Waterford Days showcases the entire community and includes entertainments, crafts for sale, and great food. The  event takes place in downtown Waterford in the  Waterford Borough Gazebo and Ball Parks.

In The Park Where Frank The Horse Lives On

You may remember Roy Roger's horse, Trigger. But do you know about Frank? In 1852, Frank was born and grew into a strong dappled-grey. He became Colonel Colt’s horse during the Civil War and acquitted himself well in battle. Frank returned home regarded by many as a true war hero, and was given free run of Waterford until his death.

Frank loved martial music and pageantry. He died at the age of 35 on July 4, 1887 from shock caused by cannon firing during the local Independence Day festivities.

Many in the community were so proud of Frank that they buried him standing, wrapped in a flag with prayers and full military honors in the East Park, although the funeral did cause some grumbling and dissension.

Over the years, Frank’s deeds were lost to time. The Fort LeBoeuf Historical Society has revived the memory of Frank, and we celebrate his heroics and a community that would make a horse a hero.

We'll play a song in memory of Frank and the other heroes in our lives. Join us in our toast, and enjoy great music and a fun festival.

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